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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Inc. and partner Apollo World Touring have announced Australian renewable energy and fuel company AgBioEn as their first sponsor for their global new multi-genre event series World Tour.

AgBioEn is a fully integrated, carbon-negative, renewable energy and fuel company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. AgBioEn and its investors’ sponsorship will help the World Tour be used as the catalyst to drive investment in sustainability and change in each city.

The five-year sponsorship is worth $200 million and will be invested into World Tour on pioneering content formats and live events, providing creators with a platform to encourage fans to be part of building a better future. The investment will help provide artists and fans with real world solutions and invite other major global brands to showcase purpose-driven and sustainable innovation offerings.

“We want to shine a light on the powerful innovations that can deliver huge benefits -- both socially and environmentally -- as we transition to a climate friendly future. This partnership will help us build momentum around the deployment of these technologies, which is an urgent priority if the global economy is to get on track for a net carbon zero future,” said chairman of AgBioEn Charles Hunting in a release. “This is the power of entertainment coming together with the power of innovation to help transform the world.”

Co-produced by Apollo World Touring and Westbrook Inc., each World Tour live event will feature internationally acclaimed A-list artists, locally celebrated superstars and globally recognized DJs. World Tour kicks off in Melbourne, Australia on March 14 with a headlining performance from international superstar Robbie Williams. The debut World Tour event will be Williams’ only public Australian performance of 2020. Other acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

After Melbourne, World Tour will be touching down in other major cities, including Montreal, Berlin, Milan, Seoul, Taipei, Osaka and Miami.

“Our intention with World Tour was always more than just creating amazing live events. We are building a connected global platform to inspire meaningful change through content, stories, and experiences,” said Westbrook Inc.’s vp of business development Jesse Uram in a release. “With Charles and this incredible partnership with AgBioEn, we are laying the foundations of a long term, sustained mechanism for building better futures through impactful pop culture.”

AgBioEn are also sponsors of globally broadcast events including Australian Open Tennis, men’s and women’s Australian Open Golf and the AgBioEn Kooyong Classic, in addition to now extending their content and event partnership strategy globally by future proofing World Tour as the official Global Renewable Energy and Fuels partner.